As we approach the end of local elections and reflect on the candidates for mayor, it is critical to have as much insight as possible. Therefore, as I write this letter (one of the few letters to the editor that I have personally written in the last 25 years) it is important that we look at the current Mayor of Stephenville, and what she has done. 

What makes a great and successful elected official?  As someone that has been involved in politics and elections all my adult life, there is some insight I can offer.  My involvement with local, state, and federal campaigns, as well has having worked for and with several elected officials, gives me a deep understanding of the character of candidates. I have been fortunate enough to meet every U.S. President from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, and numerous individuals that have served as Stephenville’s mayor over the last several decades. While many of these dedicated individuals would be considered great leaders, I have never seen the type of broad support and declaration of leadership that Mayor Nancy Hunter receives.

Mayor Hunter has letters of support or endorsements from former and current elected officials of Stephenville.  She has been endorsed by every former, current, and likely future U.S. Representative that has served Stephenville over the last three decades.  She is endorsed by leaders of both the republican and democratic parties. Mayor Hunter has also been publicly praised for her work by a former Texas Secretary of State, and endorsed by a former Chair of the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

Additionally, numerous letters submitted to the newspaper have trumpeted her dedication and leadership. These have been sent by local business leaders, county residents, and Stephenville voters that have seen her kindness, honor and integrity. Her colleagues on the City Council praise her effectiveness in helping move Stephenville forward. Increased business opportunities, actual growth in population and business, and improved city services have been credited to the City Council and Mayor. She is applauded for her volunteerism, service to community groups, and constant insight and work ethic.

Anyone that votes or lives in Stephenville, likely loves Stephenville. Mayor Hunter loves Stephenville, the people, and the work she does for both. I can say this with 100 percent certainty, because I have known her longer than anyone one else in this wonderful city. As her husband for almost 25 years, I have seen the 24/7 work ethic that she has in serving as a dedicated, honest, and humble elected official. Nancy is a great mayor (I think my background gives me the expertise to make that statement), a great mother and spouse (I have firsthand knowledge), a hard working business owner, but most of all she cares for every person that lives in or visits Stephenville.  As you go to polls, vote for someone that is a proven leader and business owner, and a wonderful person.  Nancy Hunter is a Great Mayor, a Great Person, and Great for Stephenville. I encourage you to vote, and vote for Mayor Nancy Hunter.

Dan Hunter