Lots of people obsess about their looks - and now there's an app that can tell you exactly what you hope to never hear - that you're ugly.

The Ugly Meter is an app you can download on your iPhone that determines how ugly you are. Just snap a picture of someone's face, hit the scan button and, voila, you get instant results.

But beware, the results may not be what you're looking for, which is exactly what some members of the Empire-Tribune's editorial staff discovered Thursday after putting the Ugly Meter to the test.

Staff Writer Donnie Bryant was the only female in the group to get good news.

She rated a 2 (10 being the ugliest).

"You're so sexy that you make Athena jealous," the app reported.

Likewise, it seems Sports Editor Brad Keith is a hottie.

Brad scored a 0.

"You're so hot you make the equator look like the North Pole," it said.

Staff writers Amanda Kimble and Micah Moore and Managing Editor Sara Vanden Berge received a far different report. Amanda scored a 9 with the report stating, "You are so ugly that if you sat in the sand, cats would try to bury you."

Micah's report was equally vicious. He scored a 6.3.

"You're so ugly your face would make a baby cry."

Ditto for Sara who scored a 4.2. "You are so ugly that you went to a freak show and got a permanent job."


The good news is that others have received equally bad news.

George Clooney reportedly scored a 4.8 while Brad Pitt scored an 8, according to landthieves.com.

TV's cute and bubbly Kelly Ripa also got bad news. Although she didn't reveal her exact score on "Live with Kelly" Wednesday, she did share its comment.

"You're so ugly you're not a member of the human race."

Ugly, it appears, is in the eye of the app.