No, Jon Koonsman, we are not weary of hearing about your battle with Lone Star Transmission! (Not Lone Star, but a Florida company). If not for you, we would hear nothing! There finally was a picture inset of your wife, daughter and that beautiful tree—200 years or more.

After your picnic on Sunday, I eagerly waited for my Tuesday paper to see complete coverage and maybe even Channel 4, etc. Nothing!

This is Erath County’s heritage and what the Texas government is doing to law-abiding tax payers. It could happen to any of us. Think about it. Yes, even you.

This should have been an all-out county endeavor to help in any way we could. As far as I am aware, our county judge and court had a proclamation to keep Lone Star out of Erath County about two years ago. According to the Public Utility Commission, etc., this could not be mailed but must be hand delivered to Austin. This was done by Jon’s Precinct 3 Commissioner. Upon arrival, he was told they needed ten copies, and he could go across the hall to make them, which he did at $5 a copy.

During this time, the state representative living in Erath County was asked for assistance and denied.

Recent calls to Austin about the proclamation and a hearing were told “no.” They only had to have one hearing, regardless of how many routes and different people were involved.

If you really want to throw up, read “Texas Officials Raid Dedicated Fund Accounts” by Eric Dexheimer, Austin American Statesman. These AP articles should be inset; so far they have not.

Austin is as corrupt as Washington, only on a smaller scale. Everything lands in the General Fund—stealing from where we pay it to go!

We cannot do a thing about P.U.C., E.P.A., etc. as they are appointed. But we sure can go to the polls every time any of our Texas politicians connected with this are up for reelection, right up to Governor Rick Perry, and vote them out!

Rose M. Wooley?Stephenville