Junior high English class is no laughing matter.

That is unless the teacher has a sense of humor like Henderson Junior High school English teacher John Edwards who uses humor to connect with students and co-workers alike.

While he is only in his second year with Stephenville ISD, Edwards has made such an impact that he was recently named the campus' Teacher of the Year.

Principal Renee Goodwin said the honor was given to Edwards after he was nominated by his peers and then garnered the most votes in a quasi campus election.

1. How do you feel about Stephenville ISD?

"I have been teaching for nine years, and this is my second in Stephenville. This is a district that cares about doing whatever it can to enable the students and teachers to be successful, and everyone takes care of one another. Nothing or no one in particular inspired me to teach. I simply wanted to teach."

2. What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing junior high students today?

"One of the biggest challenges facing junior high students is obviously peer pressure. To help students overcome such, I make it a habit of sharing silly things I did when I was their age, as well as treat them to anything ridiculous, funny or embarrassing that happens at school or home. I want them to realize that itís fine to be imperfect and that you donít have to be Mr. Cool. My wife and I have a three-year-old son, so Iíve always got an interesting story to share."

3. If there is something that sets you apart as a teacher, what is it?

†"I believe that my sense of humor sets me apart slightly. I always have some running jokes with my classes, and thereís usually an ample supply of nicknames in rotation. A joke a day keeps the boredom away, ya know?"