Facebook has revolutionized the world of instant communication and campaigning.

That fact is readily apparent during election season when local, state and federal officials turn to the free social networking site to promote platforms and share news with constituents.

In a Facebook face off candidates for Stephenville mayor - incumbent Nancy Hunter and challenger Kenny Weldon - have used the site as a tool to share the positive aspects of their campaigns and careers.

But one masked muckraker, operating a personal profile under the name "Truthaboutleeroy Gaitan," popped up Wednesday sending friend requests to citizens across the county.

While the profile offers little content, it does have a link to another site, apparently created in September 2007, providing website visitors with a list of documents allegedly related to Constable Lee Roy Gaitan's time as Dublin police chief, a post from which he resigned in 2000.

Another document dates back to 1995 when Gaitan worked outside of the county.

Gaitan, who is seeking another term as Erath County constable pct. 2 and has drawn an opponent, called the Empire-Tribune office Wednesday to ask if the newspaper was responsible for the post, and to respond to its content.

After being told the Empire-Tribune had no affiliation with the posting, Gaitan backed away from the allegation.

He also said he didn't believe his challenger in the May 29 primary, Bobby Mendez, was responsible for the posting.

Gaitan offered a response to the unknown source and any citizen who might read the posted documents.

"To defend myself, that was several years ago," Gaitan said. "I have been in office for eight years and I have received no complaints."