With unleaded gas prices inching up to nearly $4 per gallon, and diesel soaring even higher, motorists are making major adjustments to deal with the pain at the pump.

On Tuesday, AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Reports showed the average price for unleaded was $3.792 in Texas, and diesel was $4.028.

Nationwide, the averages were $3.898 for unleaded and $4.159 for diesel - 15-20 cents higher than last month's averages. In February, the averages were $3.688 and $4.019.

Most alarming is a report by AAA that prices have climbed more than 60 cents per gallon since Jan. 1, giving consumers time to consider how much they are spending - or could be saving - on gasoline.

Ben Sopha, sales consultant at Bruner Motors, said vehicles with high fuel economy have dominated sales over the last 60 days.

"One of the first questions is always about fuel economy," Sopha said.

In an area where roads have been traditionally dominated by trucks and sport utility vehicles, Sopha said car buyers are sacrificing space to save on fuel.

Not all consumers in the Cowboy Capital, however, are ready to get rid of their large automobiles.

"Most are looking for a second vehicle, something with good gas mileage to save on fuel cost whenever they can," Sopha said.

The top picks are currently the Chevrolet Cruze, a compact car, which offers gas mileage ranging from the high 20s to high 30s or the Equinox or GMC Terrain, small SUVs that offer mid 20s to 30s.

"Fuel economy used to not be an issue, but now everyone is downsizing their budgets and vehicles," Sopha added.