It would be difficult to find a better candidate for mayor of the City of Stephenville.  Kenny Weldon has been preparing for this role almost his entire life. After serving our great country for 26 years, many of which as mayor or deputy-mayor of military installations, Kenny weldon has returned home to serve Stephenville.

A call to serve others is a rare quality today and when someone like Kenny Weldon comes along who is willing to serve, it is an extraordinary opportunity for our community. The combination of leadership and experience that Kenny brings back to Stephenville is rare.

If you have not yet met Kenny Weldon, we encourage you to seek him out and learn more about his experience and background.  He is humble and approachable, yet a strong leader and driven to always achieve the very best.  His vision is to preserve and enhance the City of Stephenville, through action, cooperation, and strategic leadership.

We proudly support Kenny Weldon as Mayor of Stephenville and hope you will too!


Steve and Lori Lesley