Spring is in the air and a local fundraiser has sprouted up just in time to add color to your lawn or landscape.

Stephenville Project Graduation 2012 is holding a flower fundraiser through Thursday to benefit the final fete for the outgoing senior class.

Flats of flowers, which include 20 plants in four-inch pots, may be purchased from any senior for $20 per flat.

Flowers available for order include blue, pink and red Impatiens; red, pink and mixed Begonias (copper leaf); red, yellow and blue Petunias and red or mixed Purslane.

Other flowers are available. Call or text flower sale coordinator Stacy Jerrett at 967-4245.

If you don't know a Stephenville senior, you may also contact Jerrett to place and order.

Flowers will be delivered April 2 directly from a North Central Texas nursery.

Another fundraiser is also under way. A Tastefully Simple Fundraiser event will end Saturday, March 31. Go online to place orders at tastefulysimple.com and products will be shipped directly to you. ?To make sure orders are assigned to Stephenville Project Graduation, visit the website and click on "shop our products," then click "host/event search" and enter Donna Elston as the host.

For more information, see the Stephenville Project Graduation 2012 Facebook page.