I just sold a two-year-old donkey for $20. Three years ago I would have gotten $175 for the same animal. I stopped at a Mobile station and filled up with gas at $3.77, which cost me $71.95.

During the fall and winter I paid $155 per roll of coastal hay to feed that donkey. I think I have enjoyed all the "change" I can stand.

I have voted Independent for 50 years and did not vote for the current administration. When he took office gas was below $2 per gallon, hay was at $ 40 per roll, and female donkeys were selling for $175.

When I think of "change," I think of improvement in the economy, labor relations, race relations, and lower gas and food prices. Maybe the Prez thought he was on a ski slope and everything was supposed to go downhill or maybe he thought he could go around the world apologizing for America and what it has stood for. He also thinks he needs to stir up racial tensions to start another civil war.

Congress is not any better, passing laws to increase their pay and benefits. We need to totally stop all government pay until they start doing something for the nation as a whole.

I don't think either party has done anything in five years to brag about, except get us into wars that will never be won.

Vernon R. Sneed