Dublin resident Kolene Whitefield was excited Saturday when she was greeted by the first significant rainfall in months. 

But that excitement quickly dissipated when she discovered more than 200 dead birds scattered across the backyard of her home on FM 219.

"They were everywhere," Whitefield said. "Many of them were under a big pecan tree in our backyard. They were small. Most of them were dead, but a few were still alive when I found them."

Erath County Game Warden Zach Havens said the birds appeared to have been some type of Finch and were most likely from the same flock.

Havens suspects the birds were either poisoned by area farmers trying to keep them out of their feed or they ingested a natural food source that was contaminated.

"This is a pretty unusual incident, but it appears to be isolated," Havens said. "I have not received any other reports of anything like this."