Police arrested Robin Annette Pulliam, 46, of Dublin Thursday for shoplifting from a local retailer- again.

Pulliam was arrested in July for allegedly shoplifting from several Stephenville stores. When police tracked her down and pulled her over in the Bosque River Center, she took off on foot and was captured at the Bosque River Apartments.

This time, Pulliam didn't make the police go that far.

"At about 3:34 p.m., we received a call from the Ranch House at 153 Belknap," said Stephenville Police Captain Jason King.

An employee from the store said they noticed Pulliam trying to leave the store wearing a belt that hadn't been paid for. When Pulliam was confronted, she ran from the store and headed north.

"She was apprehended behind the police department and fire station," King said.

He said officers easily identified the alleged shoplifter because they knew who she was. Officer Amanda Miller, who helped chase Pulliam down in July, helped apprehend the suspect Thursday.

Officers recovered three pairs of high-end flip-flops, several belts and other pieces of merchandise in the recent incident.

Pulliam was arrested for theft over $500, and was also charged on several other warrants.