Stephenville City Secretary Cindy Stafford said she has received calls from about five area residents asking about representatives from Aqua Fuzion of Abilene. The traveling salesmen have obtained a permit from city hall allowing them to go door to door and “to solicit business.”

“I have received a few calls from citizens about this company. The permit that they have is legal, but it in no way entitles them to come into your home. They may enter if invited, but citizens are not obligated to let any salesmen into their residence,” Stafford said.

A representative from Aqua Fuzion, a company headquartered in San Angelo with a branch in Abilene, said Aqua Fuzion is simply attempting to show customers the benefit of a water softening system.

“Our mission is to raise awareness about environmental water quality and to provide information to consumers,” said Director of Operations and Marketing for Aqua Fuzion, John Martin.

So what makes this different from other solicitations? Plenty, according to Stafford. The calls she has received are from citizens who see the permit emblazoned with the city of Stephenville seal and think the water softener salesmen are associated with city. The salesmen request to do “demonstrations” in consumers’ homes, which some have been misinterpreting as a city water test.

“Our salesmen have never discredited the city,” said Martin. “They are specifically educated to state that they are not affiliated with the city in any way.”

Despite these claims, some citizens are confused. Stafford wants people to know they have the right to refuse entrance to any salesman and that they should always pay attention to who they let into their homes.

“Since there have been an awful lot of solicitors, the city just wants everyone to know that all solicitors must have a permit and that citizens are not obligated to speak to them or let them into their home,” Stafford said.