Stephenville resident Seth Swanner’s dream took its first step toward becoming reality on Tuesday.

Swanner, who is striving to create a certified Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle in Stephenville, joined Stephenville Athletics Director Joseph Gillespie, Greater Fort Worth Region FCA Director Donnie Snyder and about a dozen local residents in discussing FCA in a townhall meeting held Tuesday at the high school.

“A study has proven that FCA is the largest youth ministry program in the nation, and it’s bigger than (excluding church youth groups) all the others combined,” said Snyder.

Gillespie began the meeting by looking back to 1995 when he and his wife, Jodi, began holding FCA meetings at the school.

“It started with just me, her and two students,” he said. “But it grew from there until 1998 when we had 60-70 students meeting regularly. I don’t doubt that if we do this the right way, it will grow again.

“I’m all about what’s best for the kids,” he continued, “and nothing is more important than this.”

Swanner has established the Stephenville FCA Booster Club, which will help provide the financial backing and volunteer work necessary to kick start the program and maintain its growth.

While FCA meetings have been held before at SHS, there has never been a certified huddle in the community. Being certified gives local FCA members the opportunity to study a planned curriculum, attend camps and earn scholarships.

Swanner said an organizational meeting of the booster club will be set for a date to be determined.

Snyder encouraged volunteers to get involved, saying, “It takes coaches, students and volunteers to make this work,”