During Monday’s meeting of the Dublin City Council, the council approved requests from Prime Building Company and Allsup’s Convenience Stores for the acceptance of land into the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the city.

The council unanimously approved the request from both Prime and Allsup’s. The approval will extend the city’s ETJ to include the properties.

Many states, including Texas, have laws which allow cities to make decisions about the land beyond the town’s incorporated limits. An ETJ must be established over an area for an extended time period before it can be subject to annexation. The distance that an ETJ encompasses is based upon a city’s population. The EJT based on the population of Dublin is one half mile from the city limits in any given direction.

In addition, the council once again discussed moving forward on the Grist Mill and Pedestrian Parkway Projects. The Grist Mill restoration project was first put on the drawing board in 1999. The money allotted at that time to fund the restoration is no longer sufficient to cover the cost of the renovation. In attempt to get the ball rolling on sprucing up the historic mill, the council decided to revise the scope of work to be completed to the walls, floor and ceiling. The city will soon solicit bids from contractors for those structural repairs. Once those repairs are made, the city will call upon licensed professionals throughout the community to volunteer their time and services to complete the project.

In reference to the Pedestrian Parkway, the city is working with representatives from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on specifications and funding for the project. City Secretary Rhonda Williams said she hopes to hear something back from TxDOT in the next few weeks.

The council decided to review the current employee retirement benefits. The finance committee will meet to determine if there is anything that the city can do to offer greater compensation to retired employees faced with the increasing cost of living.

Finally, a motion to donate an old fire truck to the Proctor Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) was met with unanimous approval.