The Dublin City Council got good news during Monday night’s meeting. Jim Bailey, a partner with Krischke and Company Certified Public Accountants, presented the 2006-2007 audit for the city and said, “The city is in good financial condition due to the funds available for use,”

Ryan Cunnigham with Southwest Securities also addressed the council and said he is chasing and monitoring a market that is all over the place and still waiting for the best opportunity for the city to refinance certificates of obligation that were taken out years ago. Cunningham is attempting to save the city $70,000. To help his effort, the council approved the transaction without calling a special meeting. The approval was granted since the market is up and down from one minute to the next and calling a special meeting might mean missing the opportunity to refinance.

Meanwhile, reports on the progress of the Pedestrian Parkway and Grist Mill renovation projects showed that no bids were submitted at the city’s last request. Director of Public Works, Cory James, said the city will again seek bids to get the ball rolling on each of the projects.

The board gave approval to David Todd, with Hibbs and Todd Engineering, to draw up a letter of participation to put the city back on a list with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to be eligible for consideration of the department’s airport grant.

Todd explained that he inspected the airport about a year ago and the runway was quickly deteriorating. Todd said the city was once on the funding list but the money had been de-obligated since the city has not made a move to improve the airport.

Todd emphasized the importance of maintaining the local airport and explained how the city could gain money by improving and maintaining the facilities and added that avoiding the opportunity would make it difficult to get funding in the future.

“Having a well kept, usable airport can bring money into the city,” he said.

The grant provided by TxDOT is a matching grant in which the city would be responsible for 10 percent of the total cost; $400,000 in runway repairs would only cost the city $40,000.

“The city of Throckmorton let their runway go and now TxDOT will not put the city back on the participation list due to the extensive deterioration at the local airport,” Todd warned.

In other airport related business, the council voted to approve a contract with local businessman David George, who recently purchased Hangar No. 7 at the Dublin Airport. George will lease the land where the hangar is located for 30 years.

George will operate an agriculture spraying business that will deliver insecticides, herbicides and spongecides to farmers. He said he will also offer fuel to local and transient aircraft since the city does not currently have an aircraft fueling station. Another idea that George is considering for the future is vector spraying to combat pests such as mosquitoes.

“I hope that my efforts will help to bring the Dublin Airport back to life,” George said.

The council also voted to call an election for May 10 to fill the seats of Jeff Weaver, Ward 1; Dan Burlison, Ward 2; Gaylon Craddock, Ward 3; and James Yoho, Ward 4.

Burlison and Craddock have both filed for re-election while Weaver and Yoho will not seek another term. Tom Gordon has filed for a shot at Ward 1.

City Secretary Rhonda Williams said Tuesday that no one else had filed by Monday’s deadline so the election will be canceled unless write in applicants file for a place on the ballot by Monday, March 17.