Phase one of construction and renovations to the Graham Street bridge that crosses the Bosque River will be completed this week.

Ben McCleery, engineering specialist with the Texas Department of Transportation’s area office in Stephenville, says work crews will move to stage two of construction on Friday, redirecting traffic to the new half of the bridge.

“The concrete traffic barrier rail is scheduled to be moved on Friday from the old bridge to the new half,” said McCleery. “It’s going to be a slow process because it has to be picked up with a crane.”

McCleery expects the transfer of barriers to be an all-day effort and urges motorists to be patient when approaching the construction zone.

“We still plan to keep traffic flowing through the day, but there will be a wait of several minutes during the moving process,” he said.

Flagmen on each end of the bridge will direct traffic through the construction zone, although the temporary traffic lights will remain until the second half of the bridge is completed, he said.

McCleery said once traffic is rerouted to the new half of the bridge, crews will begin to tear out the remnants of the old crossing.

“It will be much like it is now. We’ll run one lane at a time and still use the red lights,” McCleery said.

To remove the remainder of the old bridge, crews will saw the deck into small sections and lift them with a crane, said McCleery, followed by the demolition of the pilings and drilling of new shafts.

The TxDOT representative said crews should complete the bridge reconstruction within six months.