In the race for Erath County Constable Precinct 1 incumbent Larry Ciccarelli won by a landslide, garnering 76.64 percent of the vote.

Early voting showed Ciccarelli in the lead with 79.24 percent of the vote with his challenger Joe Yasinosky trailing with 20.76 percent.

Following the final tally, Ciccarelli said, “I am grateful for every vote and especially grateful for those who voted for me. Erath County has been very good for me and I hope I have been good for them. I look forward to the next four years of service in Erath County.”

In the race for commissioner Precinct 3, Joe Brown stole the office, leading his opponents Greg McCleskey and Jeff Bush with 60.61 percent of the vote.

Early voting showed Brown leading with 56.69 percent, McCleskey at 29.62 and Bush at 13.69.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported me, whether it was with money, by hanging signs or with prayers - the prayers were the main thing. I look forward to the job ahead of me, it is a new challenge and I welcome it,” Brown said Tuesday, following the returns.

Meanwhile, in the race for Commissioner Precinct 1 incumbent Jerry Martin was defeated, garnering only 28.28 percent of the vote.

A run off election is slated for April 8, pitting Rick Hale, with 40.83 percent, against Jim Pack who tallied 30.89 percent.

Early voting showed Hale leading marginally with 151 votes, Pack with 131, and Martin trailing with 120.

“Thanks to the voters who have supported me so far and I am looking forward to the runoff election in April,” Hale said.

Meanwhile, Pack, who trailed by only a minor margin, said, “I appreciate all the votes and ask the voters to please come out again to vote in April. If elected, I will commit myself to being a full-time county commissioner with no other jobs to preclude me from doing the job of a full-time county commissioner.”