A number of area residents have come forward saying they also saw the mysterious lights witnessed by Steve Allen and friends Tuesday night in Selden.

It was like nothing I've ever seen before, comes up over and over in their descriptions of bright lights in the sky. Accounts have come in from various locations and a few of those brave enough to come forward are listed below with stories of their own.

Major Karl Lewis of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth (Carswell Field) believes he might be able to solve the mystery in a couple of days.

Allen said his phone rang all day Wednesday with people reporting to him that they had seen the strange lights in the sky.

David Jaquess

I live 4.6 miles out on Hwy. 67. About 6:15 p.m. I saw something as I was turning in my driveway. I won't say it was a UFO but I will say it was UFL, meaning it was unidentified flying lights. They were real bright yellow and I thought I must be seeing the sun reflecting off a plane. I'm guessing they were five miles away from me. But, they were unusually bright like a welding arc being struck - it was that bright. I don't discount UFOs but I don't necessarily believe in them either. I got a call this morning saying there was story about a UFO in today's paper and it was out where I live. I immediately said, Yeah, I saw it.' I was looking west/southwest.

Dublin Constable Lee Roy Gaitan

I was outside with my eight-year-old son, Ryan, when I saw lights. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. It was dark already. At first it was two red burning glows that went away and then came back on. I went inside to tell my wife. When I came back out I saw something like lights you'd see in a bar. My little boy and I counted and we came up with nine flashes and they were real spread out. But I couldn't see them attached to anything, just the lights. So I went to my pickup and got my binoculars to see if I could see a plane or something. Even with the binoculars there was no outline. It started moving towards Stephenville and moving so fast I had trouble following it with my binoculars. It covered a big area. It sounds crazy but we really saw what we saw. As a matter of fact I mentioned it to an officer in Stephenville and he called me up and said to get the Stephenville paper because I wasn't going to believe what was in it. I also went to the Dublin paper but they had no other reports on it so I just dropped it. But my little boy went to school the next day and told everybody all about what we'd seen.

Anne Frazor

I had just left the nursing home from seeing my husband. I was going down 914 towards Alexander. Just as I got to the hill at Alexander where Hwy. 6 crosses I saw them - the lights. It scared me. I thought two planes were about to collide. The lights were as bright as a school bus ahead of you but up in the air. They were certainly much closer to the ground than I would appreciate them to be. I looked in my mirrors and there were no reflections. Just as I got up to the top of the hill they were gone. It was about 6:40 p.m.

James Hughes

I was a navigational specialist in the Air Force and I don't know what it was that I saw while I was walking two friends to their car at my home. But as soon as I saw it I jokingly said to them, Hey look - a UFO.' I saw two red lights acting unusual. There were two very bright red lights traveling in formation. By formation I mean they kept their positions respective to each other. They were so intensely bright that I realized they must be at a low altitude. But, there was no noise. The lights were not like a helicopter or a plane. I live near the courthouse, actually two blocks from it, towards the river. I was looking north. It was unusual.

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