Stephenville City Council members viewed several presentations during Tuesday night’s work session.

The 2007-08 street reconstruction program was presented by Tony Gonzales, street superintendent, and Sanford LaHue of Schrickel, Rollins and Associates, who have evaluated the streets and made recommendations based on the overall condition of the streets and the condition of the existing utilities. Council members viewed each site on street maps provided. The method of construction will consist of the rebuild method. Existing base material and surface material are mixed up and treated and stabilized with cement to create a new base. The surface will be topped with 1 1/2” hot mix asphalt. The proposed streets included are:

Overhill Drive-Dale to Harbin Lydia-W. Frey to Overhill Lydia-Overhill to FM 988 Mimosa-W. Frey to Charlotte Mimosa-Chalotte to Harbin Azalea-Mimosa to Overhill Charlotte-Overhill to FM 988 Charlotte-W. Frey to Overhill Magnolia-Oaklawn to FM 988 Oaklawn-Charlote to Lydia.

The budgeted amount for this section of streets is projected to be $500,000.

The proposed utility line improvements for 2007-08 includes replacement of 3/4-inch water mains in North Barton, Walnut, Columbia, and Pecan streets with 6-inch water lines. Also proposed is the replacement of existing 2-and 4-inch water lines with 6-inch water lines on Shirley Street and West Jones Street. A problematic 6-inch sewer line is scheduled for upgrade with an 8-inch line from Second to First Avenue. With design, survey, and engineering costs, the estimated total project cost is $500,000. Council will consider authorization to the staff to begin development of plans and specifications.

The city of Stephenville began planning and identifying areas for annexation during the period from 2006-07. Approximately 640 acres were annexed into the city limits in 2007. The suggested area for this years’ water and sewer project is approximately 78 acres located along the south side of FM Rd. 8, just north of the FM 988/Harbin intersection. This project fits the budget for immediate development. The total cost of the construction of this project is $580,000.

LaHue also presented the report for the east side sanitary sewer trunk main. It was suggested to consider a new sewer line from the waste water treatment plant across to the east side of the river. Once the main line is complete, others can tie in and utilize it as needed. New lines will intersect existing lens.

The stormwater drainage minor capital project indicates at least 20 sites throughout the city requiring attention. A matrix was prepared to prioritize the sites. Jerl Stone questioned the council about why the problem areas on his street, Spring Bouquet, have not been cleaned out, which has caused his house to flood three times during the heavy rains experienced this summer. City Administrator Kaiser said, “Not all areas requiring work have been identified. Those that have are still being prioritized. It is only because of so much moisture this year that we have been able to actually see where the trouble spots are.”

He assured Stone that further study of his property would take place.

SHERRY BOARDMAN is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune and can be reached at or 254-965-3124 ext. 229.