The community answered the call to arms for U.S. troops during Saturday's Operation Camouflage bake sale at Wal-Mart. Donation canisters filled quickly and boxes brimmed with supplies to be shipped to the war zones. John Lane's mother, Virginia, expressed appreciation to her church for sponsoring the bake sale, to Mrs. Baird's and Dublin Dr Pepper for their donations of buns and drinks, to her family for their assistance, and to those in and beyond the community for their response.

Sgt. Lane was deployed to Iraq in September, as were other members of his family. In an effort to provide units with much-needed supplies, his mother began a campaign to provide the troops with some of the items for which members of the military must pay. Lane and volunteers placed donation canisters in businesses and Apple Tree volunteered to serve as a drop-off station during business hours. Checks donated for the effort can be made out to the Stephenville First Assembly Church and mailed or taken to the church at 950 Glen Rose Highway. It must be noted that the donation is for the troops.

The supplies collected Saturday and those from supporting businesses will be prepared for shipment this week. For additional information on this project, contact Lane at 254-965-9898.