Seventh A fall short

On Sept. 17, the seventh A team came close to a victory against a tough Crowley team. Coach Jerry Esquivel and the team started off good with a fifty-yard pass from Tyler Jones to Juder Stidham for a touchdown.

In the second quarter Crowley answered back with a touchdown of their own as Crowley back sped past the defenders. Going into halftime, the score stood 8-8. In the third quarter, the game gained intensity. As the quarter ended the score still stood 8-8.

With only a few seconds left in the fourth quarter, Crowley scored a touchdown.

“The team did and excellent job, Coach Esquivel said.

The offensive standouts were Jones and Witt Westbrook. Defensive standouts were Stidham and Alex Sanchez.

Seventh B struggles

HJH seventh B team stumbled during the first half, but caught their feet the second half shutting out the Panthers during a 32-0 loss Sept. 18 to Crowley Middle school. Offensive standouts were Taz Pankey and Jayce Snead. Defensive standouts were Arbnor Kelmendi, Kelmendi also recovered a fumble

Jackets stumble against Crowley

The seventh grade C team had a rude awakening in their home opener Sept. 18 against the Crowley Panthers. The Jackets fell 36-0 in a tough game.

On a better note, the Jackets offensive standouts for the game were Skylar Torres and Dustin Sparks. The defensive standouts of the game were Alex Malaer, who had a fumble recovery, and Ross Hargrove.

Jackets fight hard against the Wood

The seventh grade White team had an off day as they traveled to Brownwood on Sept. 18 and lost 30-0.

Colin Cooper had tremendous runs on offense and kickoff returns. Cody Wood did great at cornerback holding his ground and tackling opponents twice his size.

Offensive standouts were Cooper and Ivan Galego.

Defensive standouts were Wood and Kyle Arnold.

7th Jackets fall to Brownwood

The Jackets fell to the Brownwood Lions 6-12. The Jackets made it difficult for the Lions to come up with the win. The Jackets had one run made by Jacob Watson followed by a 40 yard run by Scott Joseph. They played their defense well and caused 6 fumbles. Tristan Dobson scooped one up and ran it for a touchdown. The offensive standouts were Scott Joseph and Jacob Watson. Defensive standouts were Dallas Holston, Zade Simmons, Dobson, and Joseph Rojas. The defense played well and hit hard. They looked to make turnovers on contact.

Close one lost to Crowley

HJH eighth grade A team Yellow Jackets hosted North Crowley Middle School on Sept. 18. In this match Crowley claimed the victory at the Jacket's home.

The Jackets claimed the victory at the beginning of the 1st quarter by a great 9-yard run play by Avion Edwards followed by a two-point conversion made by Tyler Floyd. However, that was not enough to hold Crowley, which scored before the end of the first quarter tying the game.

But the Jackets still wanted to clutch victory. Holding Crowley off for two entire quarters, the game got interesting. As the fourth quarter started, the score was 8-8. Then, Conner Washington made a 35-yard pass to Josh Jenkins, putting the Jackets in the lead. But Crowley didn't give up and scored two touchdowns, upsetting HJH 20-14.

Yellow Jackets look to bounce back

On Sept. 18, the eighth grade B team suffered a disappointing loss to North Crowley. Even with the help of Jeck White, Austin Burns, Shaquille Travis and Travis Powell, the Jackets could not pull off a win. Despite Burns' big plays on defense and Bernays' interception, the Jackets were overpowered by the massive Crowley lineup. In the season opener North Crowley completely shut out the Jackets. The final score was 20-0.

Tie for HJH Gold

HJH eighth Gold welcomed the BMS Lions on Sept. 17.

Although the game was scoreless, HJH had a few standout players. Nathanel Madrid and Rodrigo Rojas led the defense. Madrid had a fumble recovery and a sack. Granger McCuistion followed with a sack. Interceptions were made by Braden Tanner and Robby Dougherty. Fumble recoveries were made by Richard Dwiggins, Kelsey Wade, and Madrid. Chris Marble took the offense into his own hands and became a standout player.

Crowley claws the Jackets

The HJH D team took on North Crowley C team on Sept. 18 in a challenging game. Alberto Vasquez had a 20-yard run for six points in the third quarter. Vasquez was also a defensive standout and Danton Glossup was an offensive standout in a tough loss, 40-6.