In a recent called meeting, the Stephenville Independent School Board of Trustees voted to outsource the district's custodial services to Service Solutions.

Service Solutions is a nationwide custodial service company currently doing business in about 20 school districts across Texas, according to Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd.

"Ultimately what swayed the board in the direction of Service Solutions was the fact that they offered custodial employees insurance options, a 25 percent matching savings plan and an employee stock plan that the other two companies did not," Floyd said.

A condition of the agreement was the company had to ensure they would accept all current custodial employees (subject to background checks) and every staff member would receive a pay raise.

The district decided that any current custodian with three years of retirement would remain on the district's payroll but would be supervised by the new company. Three employees met the criteria, including Ginger Hendrickson, Pam Thetford and Leonila Euman.

"All others became employees of Service Solutions effective August 13th," Floyd said.

Floyd said there are several advantages for the district to outsource those services including reduced unemployment costs and worker's compensation rates. Floyd said the decision would positively impact the personnel department, payroll department, business department and maintenance department for the district.

Floyd said the company will be able to offer more to the employees than the district could, such as a professional and supportive management team, full-time day and night managers, full-time evening supervisor, professional staff training, new productivity increasing equipment, competitive wages, uniforms and bi-monthly paychecks.

ANGELIA JOINER is a staff writer for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at or (254) 965-3124,ext. 238