Its time for Stephenville residents to survey the contents of their garages, storage buildings and cabinets inside the house and begin accumulating hazardous waste items for collection in August.

In conjunction with the City of Fort Worth Environmental mobile collection unit, the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection will from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Aug. 25 at the Municipal Service Center at 1201 Glen Rose Highway.

City Administrator Mark Kaiser said at the Aug. 7 council meeting that the service is provided free to Stephenville residents, but they must obtain a voucher from Stephenville City Hall before Aug. 22. Residents will be required to produce proof of residency, such as a utility bill, before a voucher will be issued.

The number of vouchers issued will give us and Fort Worth the amount of waste we will be dealing with, he said.

There is no cost to the individual resident, but the city does pay Fort Worth for providing the service. The cost to the city is the same whether someone brings in one item or twenty.

Nick Williams, director of utilities, said that water-based paint is not considered hazardous.

Residents can remove the lid of the paint can, let the paint dry and dispose of it with their regular garbage.

Products brought to the Hazardous Waste Collection should be left in their original containers. If the materials are not in the original containers or the label is missing, residents should re-label the containers with as much information about the product as possible.

Materials should be grouped in boxes and transported in the trunk of the car or in the back of a truck.

Wastes that will be accepted during the collection are acids, aerosol cans, all batteries, antifreeze, brake fluid, craft chemicals, hobby chemicals, degreasers, drain cleaners, fertilizer, fluorescent lights, herbicides, household chemicals, paints (except water based paint), stains, paint thinners, pest strips, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, oil filters, solvents, transmission fluid and varnishes.

Wastes that will not be accepted at the waste collection are ammunition, explosives, propane and butane cylinders, medical waste, smoke detectors, tires and waste generated by business.

More information on the waste collection program may be obtained by contacting Fleming at 918-1223.