On August 17, a hearing for the Infinity waste disposal well site near Clairette and Alexander will be held in Austin. Some folks are preparing and planning to attend this hearing to try to make sure our groundwater is protected. If there is anyone who lives near the site, which is on County Road 270 near the intersection of Hwy 6 and 281, or for that matter, just anyone who wishes to express their feelings or ask questions, please contact me at worriedaboutwater@yahoo.com.

We do not have an attorney and are acting on our own to try to show Infinity and the Rail Road Commission weíll not let them run roughshod over us. Infinity has agreed to a water monitoring program, which is great, thatís more than EOG agreed to do, but the problem with that is if contamination is found, guess what, the water is already contaminated. We just want them to know we are watching and that they will be held accountable. If there is anyone out there who wants to say something on the issue of protecting our water and land, contact me and Iíll make sure it gets said. Wish us luck!

Elaine Smith