A report that Dublin City Manager David Carrothers has resigned is “really premature,” Mayor Red Seigars said Thursday.

Carrothers has not officially resigned, although he expects to do so soon, Seigars said.

“The funny thing is he hasn’t resigned yet,” Seigars said. “I just talked to him this morning… Nothing is official. It’s all hearsay until we get that piece of paper.”

Carrothers said he plans on taking classes at Tarleton State University to finish up a Master’s Degree in criminal justice that he began last January. A long-term goal Carrothers said he has is to pursue a Doctoral Degree in the same field and teach at the university level.

“I am arranging details before officially resigning,” Carrothers said. “I would like to teach some criminal justice classes at TSU. Tarleton has an incredible program.

“Tarleton is an incredible school. I’m impressed with the criminal justice program. I’d like to teach in the daytime and go to class at night.”

And Carrothers knows a good program when he sees one because he served 15 years in the police force and still holds his commission. He was police chief in Hemphill and Willow Park.

Teaching is not foreign to him either since he taught at the police academy in two different locations.

Carrothers said he anticipates his last day with Dublin will be Aug. 24 because classes will begin Aug. 27 but he is still wrapping up details that would confirm his departure date.

Carrothers said this move was something he thought would be “years down the road,” but when the opportunity presented itself his time frame was moved up considerably.

“Rumors about already having a new city manager are unfounded,” Seigars said. “We haven’t even gotten an application yet or a resume. We can’t advertise yet.”

Seigars said before Carrothers joined the team at Dublin the city had been without a city manager for at least three or four months and he fully expects that to be the situation again. He said he wants to take his time to find the right person.

“I’m hoping our next city manager will be the same as this one,” Seigars said. “David has been a real good people person. He fit right in. He’s good to the elderly and anyone that came to his office. He has an open door policy.

“He’s worked hard on many projects such as the water tower, finishing water lines, the gristmill and walkway, and the sewer treatment plant. He’s the Commander of American Legion Post 219 and he’s helped with the new Veteran’s Memorial.”

Seigars said Carrothers isn’t planning on moving and, “He said he’d be available if we needed him.”

Seigars said he expects Carrothers to make a good instructor.

“David is a smart man and picks up things fast and retains it,” Seigars said. “We all want to wish him well.”