Debbie Hines, assistant superintendent for personnel for the Stephenville Independent School District, reported a myriad of changes to the Student Code of Conduct booklet.

The changes were handed down from the 80th legislative session that will go into effect at the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year. Hines reviewed the changes with school board members during the regular Monday night meeting and said the wording is from the model handbook provided by the Texas Association of School Boards.

Hines said Senate Bill 6 requires the immediate classroom removal of any student who is registered as a sex offender. The student could then be placed in an alternative educational program or officials could review the case and opt to return the student to the regular classroom, Hines said.

Also addressed was House Bill 2532, which expands the Education Code to provide for students with felony offenses. Currently, a student found guilty of a felony offense is expelled. Now, the student may be provided with an alternative educational setting.

According to House Bill 8, mandatory expulsion will be required for a student that commits the offense of continuously sexually abusing a young child or children.

Hines said the district will also be required to include a dating violence policy for the district.

Hines said anyone is welcome to view the Student Code of Conduct online at the districtís Web site. All of the handbooks for the individual campuses will be online by the time school begins in August.

Hines said parents may also request a paper copy.