Thank you Stephenville.

We are sending this to say THANK YOU for taking care of us as though we were part of the Stephenville community.

We (Larry and Judy Branagin & Laura and Charles Ackerman) were participating in the Stephenville Firecracker 100 bicycle ride.

Laura had a bicycle wreck while riding the 26-mile route with her mother Judy Branagin.

The police and EMT personnel responded immediately and transported Laura to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a concussion, head injury (thank God for bicycle helmets) bruises, and abrasions.

The Emergency Room Personnel were great, and a volunteer from the Firecracker 100 event was with them during their stay at the hospital.

We also want to recognize David Swearingen, for waiting at the Firecracker 100 Finish Line to notify Lauraís husband (Charles Ackerman) and father (Larry Branagin) about the accident and going with them to the emergency room to check on Laura.

Also, please extend our Thank You to the individual, who transported Laura and Judyís bikes back to the Firecracker 100 start line.

We canít praise the community enough for the care they gave us during our stay in Stephenville. We felt as though we were part of their family.

Laura is doing well and has several new friends in Stephenville.

Thank you Stephenville.

Larry & Judy Branagin / Charles & Laura Ackerman

North Richland Hills