Fiddle Creek Steak House invites the public to make a mark on the inside wooden walls of the restaurant.

For a $25 donation anyone can sear their brand onto one of the walls and 100 percent of the donation will go to charity. The fundraiser benefits your choice of either the Erath County Fire Rescue Department or the Foster’s Home for Children.

“Everyone seems to like the idea,” David Warren said. “I believe it will add character to the walls and benefit some deserving charities at the same time.”

A brand register will identify the owner and the brand along with their charity choice and donation amount. Warren said anyone who would like to make a larger, anonymous donation amount will be listed as giving “more than the minimum of $25.” All patrons are encouraged to look the register over and try to locate the brand on the wall.

“We are anxious to have all the celebrity cowboys register their brands,” Warren said.

The restaurant has a branding iron heater or electric branding irons are welcomed.

“We are delighted that Fiddle Creek thought of us,” Titus Robinson, vice president of development for Foster’s Home, said. “And we hope citizens will support both Fiddle Creek and our children in this endeavor.”