Never underestimate the power of a woman ó that is the power of the Tarleton State University rodeo womenís team.

After a understated beginning to the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, WY, this past week, the TSU women had to work hard to achieve Top 10 status in any event. There were missed calves, long times and no times, leaving the women to wonder if they could catch any of the tough competitors in the over 400 contestant field at the Casper Events Center this past week.

In the end, with a reputation for consistency, the womenís efforts secured a 5th place overall team placing in the 2007 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association standings. And the 2006 womenís all-around champion, Kirby Eppert, held her own to bring back to Tarleton second place title for womenís all-around champion race, followed by teammate Jamie Mader with third place honors.

After a disappointing no time in the second round of goat typing, Eppert came back with a vengeance to secure a new CNFR arena record. Eppert was fire on Friday night, setting in a smokiní record time in goat tying with a 5.8 time for the third go-round.

"It was a great run. After her second go-round goat got up, it backed her into a corner. On Friday night, she didnít have anything to lose in the average, so she could go for it," said Coach Bob Doty.

Eppert, also competing in the breakaway roping, finished fourth in the average with a combined total time of 13.4 seconds on four head, helping her to secure her second place all-around finish.

Mader, who also competed in team roping with partner, J.W. Townsend of New Mexico Junior College, finished eleventh in the average in team roping with a combined time of 46.9 seconds on four head.