Dear Editor,

There was a Public Notification of Nondiscrimination furnished by the Stephenville I.S.D. published in this newspaper in Sundayís edition.

The 2nd paragraph dealt with the ISDís steps to assure everyone that the lack of English language skills would not be a barrier to students. This statement begs answers to several questions I have which I feel should be best answered in a public forum.

To : Ms. Debbie Hines ,

To what extent are Stephenville ISD students lacking in English language skills? Who has a problem?

Exactly what steps are being taken to ensure the Stephenville ISD students are well prepared in the English language?

Last year, immediately after the Marches/riots/demonstrations by those open border and amnesty backers and with thousands of illegal aliens in attendance waving Mexican flags, this newspaper quoted a Mexican woman who was evidently an illegal and had been here for years without learning English and she stated she was taking English at night at the high school.

I let that pass then but shouldnít have. Now might be an appropriate time for an answer to this question!

Is the Stephenville ISD teaching English to illegal aliens in District buildings, using taxpayer money to aid and abet the breaking of our immigration laws?

Please give an overview of the career and technology education programs, including times of classes, who is attending and where does the money come from to fund the program.

What ages of students involved? Are there adults attending these classes?

Exactly what ages are involved?

If these students have a problem with the English language what are they doing in high school?

If students are in high school and have a problem at this late date with the English language, it is quite possible that the entire 1st-12th grade English program be reviewed and wholesale changes made in the Districtís leadership and programs.

Is SISD sheltering illegals?

I fail to understand how inadequate English can be removed as a barrier to programs when being unable to understand the English language can be a hazard to the student, his classmates and the instructors themselves. Some of these programs can be hazardous.

You may not have deduced that I am firmly in the anti-illegal alien bloc.

I must obey the laws of this land and they will air mail me to jail if I disobey.

I am amazed that officials who view our immigration laws simply disregard them with impunity because they do not agree.

Now, Ms. Hines, letís have some public disclosure on this program.

Randy Deax