Pending Gov. Rick Perry’s signature, Tarleton State University will see an increase in its 2008-2009 biennium funding over the current biennium.

The university received an additional $18,094,272 allocation over the next two fiscal years from the 80th Texas Legislative Session. This increase in funding is attributed to many factors, including Tarleton’s increasing enrollment and its ever-growing research programs. The increased appropriation represents a 28.6 percent increase over the current biennium.

Dr. Dennis McCabe, president of Tarleton said, “The increase is much-needed and appreciated.”

Much of the increase stems from the Legislature funding projects it had previously approved but had not yet funded. Included in those projects were the university’s new dairy and a new nursing facility.

Texas State Representative for District #59 Sid Miller was instrumental in bringing the new dairy to Tarleton.

“I worked extensively with Chairman Warren Chisum to make sure that the funding was there,” Miller said. “This was important to Tarleton, its surrounding community and Texas. Now, we’re ready to get started and break ground.”

Another portion of the funding will go toward research initiatives at Tarleton. Specifically, the university will also receive $688,125 in additional dollars over the biennium in research development funding.

“We are delighted that Tarleton State University will receive additional state allocations for facilities and initiatives that will benefit students,” said Dr. Wanda Mercer, vice president of Student Life. “Certainly, continued enrollment growth and program expansion require additional support and we are grateful that the state has provided those resources in this legislative session.”

The remainder of the budget will be used for the university’s growth. This includes salary increases for faculty and staff, increased personnel and increased departmental operations.

“The increased funding over the next biennium will allow Tarleton to enhance its current programs, as well as improve the services provided to students,” said Mr. Jerry Graham, vice president for Finance and Administration. “The new facilities, upon completion, will enrich the learning environment for our students. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the 80th Legislature.”