Caleb Graves has been named valedictorian of Stephenville High School with a grade point average of 5.231 and Clint Doty was close on his heels with a grade point average of 5.218 and named salutatorian.

Both are well-versed, gregarious young men and both say academics come easily to them.

Graves is the son of Kay Wesson and Brad Graves but gives credit for his intelligence to his grandfather for whom he is also named after, Bobby Ratliff.

I dont have to study very much - Ive been lucky, Graves said.

Graves said he has already prepared his speech for commencement exercises and because hes been a member of the debate team for the last two years hes not really nervous about giving it.

Besides being a member of debate he also serves as Chairman of Pride and Patriotism for Student Council, is a member of the National Honor Society, Science Club, Spanish Honor Society, UIL and FCA.

Graves said he learned he was first in his class his freshman year and that was surprising for him.

Since then Ive pretty much aimed for valedictorian, Graves said.

Graves said he has received a full academic scholarship to the University of Texas and plans to be a pharmacist.

Hes a member of Rocky Point Baptist Church. For fun he said he likes to read, see movies and travel. He also said he loves tennis.

Doty said it wouldve been nice to be valedictorian but it wasnt anything he set his sights on. Hes happy being the salutatorian and the 2007 Commended Scholar, an honor Doty received after ranking in the top 50,000 students taking the PSAT test out of the 1 million students taking the test nationwide.

Like Graves, Doty said academics come easily,

Its been real easy since my youngest years, he said. But, Ive had to study some since Ive gotten into dual credit college courses.

His parents are Larry and Jeannie Doty.

Doty said in the past he has served as president of the National Honor Society and FCA and is still a member of both organizations. Hes also in the science club, serves on the student council and is in UIL academics.

Doty said hes been ready for graduation for a long time and is also planning to attend the University of Texas.

Im still holding out hope for a scholarship, he said.

Doty said he will major in chemical engineering with a minor in premed and his ultimate goal is to be a surgeon. Hes not sure what kind of surgeon but he said, Cardio and neuro interests me the most now.

For fun Doty says he hangs out with his friends.

Im usually at school or church, he said.

He said he is a member at Valley Grove Baptist Church.

The two boys have a lot in common like brains, an interest in medicine, an active church life, parents that love and support them, but they also have something else in common, a teacher.

Both said the teacher that had influenced them the most was Lise Schwartzkopf. She was their 7th grade history teacher and has served as their UIL coach for the last four years in current events.

They know more about current events than I do, Swartzkopf said with a chuckle.

Shes a very compassionate person and shes very inspirational in how she handles her classroom, Graves said. She taught me that every student can be reached.

Schwartzkopf said both of the students are outstanding young men.

Caleb is one of a kind, she said. Hes driven, hes intelligent, sensitive and has a special place in my heart. Clint is in my heart, too. Clint knows what he wants, what he believes in and where he is going. He, too, is special.

It looks like Stephenville can expect some great accomplishments in the future from two of its sons.