Thirteen boys and girls will graduate from Morgan Mill School on May 24. Graduation day will begin with awards at 10 a.m. at the school and a hot dog lunch following. That night at the Morgan Mill Baptist Church our eighth graders and twenty kindergartners will celebrate their year in Morgan Mill School at 7 p.m. Following graduation, the eighth graders will travel to the Community Center for their party. The following girls have received word that they will be Stephenville Stingerettes for next year; Allison Michael, Sarah Murray, Marriah Small, and Hilary Carr. Kaity Price will be in the Stephenville Color Guard. Congratulations to all of our eighth graders as they embark on a new school experience.

I asked the eighth graders, “What will you remember about your school years in Morgan Mill?” Kaity Price mentioned, “the 7th and 8th grade end of the school field trip. We all worked hard for the money to go and thanks to every one that bought our stuff. I greatly appreciate it. We went to Austin to a museum and to Pappadeux for supper. The best part about the trip was that we got to do this with all our friends and have a memory to remind us of this school.”

Memories continue with Sydney Wooton stating, “I’ll always remember cheerleading and basketball games, and helping out with kindergarten P.E. classes, even when I had classes of my own. As much as I’m ready for high school, I’ll always remember and miss Morgan Mill School.”

Katie Moore remembers, “Some of those include going to Sandy Lake, visiting our state capitol, and participating in UIL. We also participated in the Tarleton homecoming parade, which was fun even though I am really bad at marching. Then there is the job fair, at which we ruled the competition.”

Caitlyn Cline had an earlier memory to relate. “In kindergarten we did a lot of fun and crazy things with Mrs. Pierce, but my favorite memory was when Mrs. Pierce would take us each out into the hall and hit the wall or clap her hands making it sound like we were in trouble. She’d tell us to go back to class and cry and do all these crazy things, but it rarely worked.”

Sarah Murray and Hilary Carr described their favorite memories as “getting to paint the football signs for Thursday night games.” Hilary confesses “it usually took the girls about a week to finish because most of the time we weren’t painting; we were just goofing off and running around the gym.” Marriah Small remembers, “It was so funny, because we could always beg Mr. Edwards into letting us go out of class to finish. Even though he said no we would still be able to go in and finish the signs.”

Savone Johnston remembers her years, “5th grade, I started band; 6th grade, I was commended on the reading TAKS; 7th grade, I was accepted into GT; and 8th grade, I was on the basketball team, drill team, and 1st chair flutist.”

There will be more stories next week. Remember Senior Citizens will meet Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m. Margie Hartsfield from Stephenville will perform all of your old favorite songs. Bring a covered dish and invite your friends.

Derek Torres remembers, “This Easter was great. For our party, we went on a treasure hunt. The prize was water guns! We took the guns and had an all out war with them that was the best Easter I had.”