This year’s 1st annual MS 5K Trailrun was some kind of FUN!

Runners from all ages, 14-55, took part in an event that will definitely be remembered for days to come.

About 3 1/4 miles of rugged countryside, mixed with remnants of recent spring showers, were just the right ingredients for an unforgettable experience, epecially when you throw in man’s and woman’s natural sense of direction! A three and a quarter mile track, for some, became a constant repetition of ups and downs, turns and circles! For others, the track seemed only like a 2-mile sprint! And yet others, felt more comfortable turning the tough 5K ‘run’ into a 10K obstacle course with open country running, fence jumping and animal dodging as basic tactics!

The great news is that all runners were accounted for, no serious injuries and no damaged livestock!

All in all, the run was a fantastic venue for local MS supporters, those without horses, to participate and donate time and money to a totally worthwhile cause. The local MS chapter and Knights of Columbus, Trailrun sponsor, would like to thank all those brave and tough enough to even venture into this year’s 5K Trailrun.

In the photograph are the first-place finishers from the various divisions; novice, experienced and seasoned runners, and behind them the runner-ups!

Thanks also to all local sponsors that contributed prizes for the appreciation bags handed out to the 5K’ers!