The Stephenville High School Choir really has something to brag about - or maybe a better description would be “someone” to brag about.

Sophomore Titus Wamala has been named to the Men’s All State Choir for the second year in a row.

Choir Teacher Christine Bridges said very few freshmen make it to an All State Choir.

“Titus is the first all stater I’ve had in six years,” Bridges said. “He is absolutely amazing. He has perfect pitch and an amazing memory. He can hear something one time and sing it.”

Bridges said she uses Walmala to provide pitches for her students.

“I can just say, ‘Titus give us an F Sharp’ or any other note and he can do it every time,” Bridges said. “I don’t have to play a note on the piano.”

Bridges said Wamala is so musically gifted that he immediately knows when he hears a wrong note. She said if she makes a mistake while playing the piano, Wamala calls her attention to it.

“He’ll just say, ‘Mrs. Bridges you played a B and it was supposed to be a B Flat,’” Bridges said.

“His musical ability is incredible. He’s very gifted.”

Wamala is the son of Gideon and Agnes Wamala, originally from East Africa. They have a younger son, Micah, who plays the trumpet. Music, it seems, runs in the family.

Both of the boys were born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The family made their way to Stephenville through a religious calling. The elder Wamala is the pastor of the Christian Reform Church in Stephenville.

Gideon plays the piano, as does Titus, and the guitar and Agnes sings.

“Before he could talk, he could sing,” Gideon said. “By age two he was singing and humming, He really started singing when he first started making sounds. I guess it’s in the genetic coding. Some of us have to work hard at music. For him, it just comes natural.”

Titus has a different opinion. He doesn’t call his gift a natural ability.

“I think God has given me a gift,” Titus said. “That’s what people say.”

Titus says he enjoys Latino language pieces and African American Gospel songs. He said he can’t stand pop or rap music but there is some country songs he likes.

He has entered a contest in Brownwood where he will perform an African American Gospel song called, “Still Away” in February.

Titus said he was first exposed to the music genre at his uncle’s church in San Antonio.

“My uncle Johnson Nantawabwa is the music minister at the Bible Church in San Antonio,” Titus said. “I really enjoy and love the music at his church.”

SHS Principal Travis Stilwell also had good things to say about Wamala.

“Titus is an exceptionally talented individual,” Stilwell said. “We’re really proud of him and looking for more good things to come.”