The Stephenville City Council has approved a 3-percent increase in pay, effective with the next pay period, for City Administrator Mark Kaiser and City Secretary Cindy Stafford.

The vote came Tuesday after the council concluded a four-hour executive session and after performance evaluations were discussed for the two city employees as well as City Attorney Randy Thomas.

Kaiser’s current annual salary of $89,400 will increase to $92,080.

In addition to the 3-percent increase for Kaiser, the council approved an additional $500 for “professional fees” to be used for certified public accounting fees, or other applicable professional fees.

Kaiser said his contract with the city provides that the city pay his dues for organizations relating to city management and one civic club.

“After I moved out of finance, I have been paying the CPA fees personally and they want me to keep the license current,” Kaiser said.

City Secretary Cindy Stafford will see her salary increase from $48,010 to $49,450 per year.

Mayor Rusty Jergins said the council appreciates the leadership that Kaiser has provided and believes that significant progress is being made within the city.

“We wanted to show our appreciation for his contribution and efforts on the City’s behalf,” he said.

Jergins also commended Stafford for her contribution to the overall operation of the organization.

“Her professional, friendly, courteous attitude is an asset to the organization and we felt her contributions warranted an increase in salary,” he said.

Neither Kaiser nor Stafford received an increase in pay when the council approved an across-the-board increase for city employees in the fall.

City Attorney Randy Thomas is a contract employee and no adjustment was made to his compensation.

The council evaluates the city administrator, city secretary and city attorney on an annual basis. According to the Stephenville City Charter, those are the only city employees hired directly by the council.