Editor’s note: The following is an e-mail exchange between Jeremy Pelz and D. Ray Elder. Pelz is a student at Tarleton State University and a member of Lambda Chi Alpha who posted the photos of the “MLK Party” on his Facebook Web site. Elder is also a Tarleton student and president of the university’s chapter of the NAACP.

From Elder to Pelz, dated Jan. 18, 10:31 p.m.:

Good day Mr. Pelz. My name is D. Ray Elder, Jr. and I am the President of the Tarleton NAACP. I personally find your photo album titled MLK offensive and I think that you should pay more respect to a man who worked hard for justice and equality in our country. Making fun of someone’s culture in this way is not humorous and I feel that this brings shame upon you and your colleagues. These photos will not go away silently. Justice will be served. This is a promise.

Response from Pelz to Elder, dated Jan. 18, 10:38 p.m.

I apologize if it meant any disrespect. I will change the name of the photo album so it does not bring any disrespect to Mr. King. This event was started a few years back, because one of my best friends is black or African American, whichever you deem politically correct, to be his day not to dishonor him. I even called him on that day and we jokingly laughed about it. So I do apologize if you felt any disrespect because none was intended.