A “significant revamping” of personnel is occurring within the ranks of the Dublin Police Department, according to Chief Lannie Lee.

Lee, who has headed up the department since 2000, said the changes will become effective Thursday and are the direct result of Lieutenant Benny Payne’s recent departure to become an officer with the Stephenville Police Department.

Lee said Corporal Ken Drozeski, who joined the department in 1999, has been promoted to sergeant and that Payne’s former position of lieutenant will not be filled.

“When Lieutenant Payne decided to leave, I thought it was the right time to make our department more user friendly,” Lee said. “I felt like we were a little top-heavy on the supervision considering the number of police officers we have, so we are doing away with the position of lieutenant.”

Lee said that as sergeant, Drozeski’s responsibilities will be varied, ranging from acting as a liaison between the police department and the district attorney’s office to acting as the public information officer. Drozeski will also supervise patrol operations and act as a backup supervisor for communications.

One year after joining the department, Drozeski served as an officer in the canine unit and acted as the gang-relations officer for the department until 2003, when he went back to patrol. Eight months ago he was promoted to corporal.

Lee said that Officer John McDaniel will begin serving in a dual role as the department’s investigator and patrol officer.

“As an investigator, McDaniel will investigate all of our felony cases and will be responsible for collecting witness statements, writing the initial reports, gathering evidence and presenting the case for prosecution,” Lee said.

Lee said he is looking forward to changes he believes will enhance the department and make it more effective.

Sara Vanden Berge covers courts, law enforcement, and business and political issues for the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at sara.vandenberge@empiretribune.com. Her work number is 968-2379, ext. 240.