At every Stephenville high school football game - home or away - you can search the fence around the playing field and somewhere you will find a banner that reads "Band of Brothers."

Teamwork and brotherhood are the essence of any successful team.

Two Stephenville players take that essence to another level.

Holton Westbrook, a junior, and Witt Westbrook, a sophomore, are brothers - the sons of Jason and Heidi and older brothers of seventh grader Rilyn and kindergartner Hudson.

"We started talking about it when we played in pee wee together," Witt said of looking forward to the day he and his brother would both be on Stephenville's varsity football roster.

Holton, a safety, was on the varsity last year while Witt, a receiver, was working his way through the Yellow Jackets' sub-varsity system.

"I've been especially looking forward to it since the end of last year when I knew it was going to happen," Witt said.

Heidi says friends used to bring up the likelihood of her sons playing varsity football together, but that she never put much thought into it.

"I never really envisioned it," she said. "But it is easier with them both playing the same night at the same place. It's more convenient, but it's also more intense.

"Last year I would never take my eyes off Holton. He would play defense and then I would watch him come off the field and meet with coaches on the sideline," she continued. "Now my eyes never leave the field. I just go from watching Holton to watching Witt. Sometimes I'm watching them both at the same time."

Little brother Hudson even gets into it.

"Hudson asks three things before every game," Heidi said. "He wants to know who we're playing, if they're any good and what their mascot is."

Witt says the intensity of watching the games is hardest on their dad.

"That's probably true," Heidi said. "He gets more worked up. I finally realized if I want to enjoy the game I can't get so worked up."

The whole family was worked up when the brothers pulled off the rare feat of both scoring in the same game Friday.

Witt scored on a 30-yard pass from Connor Washington and Holton plunged into the end zone from a yard out as part of a goalline offensive package Stephenville had not shown until last week's 67-7 triumph over San Angelo Lake View.

"I didn't even know he scored until late in the fourth quarter," Witt said.

Mom didn't know right away either.

"We certainly didn't expect it at all. It was a total surprise," Heidi said. "Holton just doesn't ever play offense so we had no idea it was coming."

It was bound to happen sooner or later the way both Westbrooks have played.

Holton had a game last fall when he recorded three takeaways on special teams and defense and scored touchdowns on two of them.

He had a pair of takeaways last week - his first interception of the year and a recovery on a pooch kick following a Stephenville touchdown. He also led the Jackets with 10.5 tackles.

For the season Holton is second in tackles with 33.5. Only senior linebacker Jared Slemmons has more. Holton has also forced a pair of fumbles.

Witt holds a narrow lead in receptions for the season. He has 22 for 310 yards, an average of 14.9 yards per catch. Both Trent Morrison and Gabe Barrios have 21 receptions.

Witt has also rushed 10 times for 125 yards.

Holton's TD Friday was set up by one of Witt's occasional carries. The younger Westbrook broke free for a 73-yard gain but was stopped short of the goalline.

"I had to finish it for him," Holton said with a wide grin.

"Yeah, he had to clean it up for me," Witt said. "He's giving me a hard time about it, but he's always on me about something."

Holton responded, "I'm just afraid he's not going to make the play," clearly teasing.

The Westbrooks agree last week's easy win was right on time after the Jackets endured a preseason gauntlet that included a pair of No. 1 teams and two clubs that appear headed for the 5A playoffs.

"We knew we were getting better each week. Those teams make you get better," Holton said. "It felt good to go out and show how much we've improved."

Witt added, "I think we made a statement to the rest of the district that we have a good team no matter what our record was."

The Yellow Jackets have a chance to inch closer to the playoffs when they face Waco University in a District 8-4A game at 7:30 p.m. Friday. It will be homecoming at Tarleton Memorial Stadium, and Heidi can't wait.

"I've never had this much fun watching football," the proud mom said.

And Holton and Witt have never had this much fun playing the game.