First it was Padyn Giebler, then it was Holton Westbrook.

Two players who had never registered so much as an offensive touch for Stephenville. Two carries between them last Friday. A fourth down conversion for one. A touchdown for the other.

Stephenville's new-look goalline offense was efficient to say the least.

Giebler carried the ball first, converting a fourth-and-one near the red zone - where the Yellow Jackets struggled during their brutal pre-district slate.

Westbrook later carried the ball into the end zone for a one-yard touchdown, converting another red zone drive.

Both scoring drives were part of an offensive performance that tallied seven touchdowns and a field goal on the Yellow Jackets' first eight possessions.

The result was a resounding 67-7 win over San Angelo Lake View, a victory both players and coaches have said was right on time after a 1-4 start to the season followed by an open week before the start of District 8-4A.

Stephenville (2-4, 1-0) continues league play Friday when Waco University (2-4, 0-1) visits Tarleton Memorial Stadium for the Yellow Jackets' homecoming contest. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.

The goalline package isn't the only new wrinkle in Stephenville's arsenal, says head coach Joseph Gillespie. It's just the one that was most obvious to the average spectator. He also says the "heavy" package may be new in game-time situations, but that his team has practiced it regularly.

"There are always things you work on and get ready for when you have the opportunity to use it," Gillespie said. "That's something we work on a lot in practice and the opportunity presented itself and we capitalized on it.

"There were some other wrinkles, some tweaks here and there, that the average specatator probably didn't notice, and that will continue to happen," he continued. "You're always going to make adjustments to try and improve your football team."

Without giving anything away, Gillespie says there could be a few more surprises for Yellow Jacket fans - and opponents - in coming weeks.

"Sure, there are going to be different things that we do," he said. "You work on those things in pre-district, but you never want to tip your hat too much."

Gillespie didn't say if giving the ball to defensive standouts such as Giebler and Westbrook more often is included in future plans, but the third-year head coach - who spent his entire career as an assistant on the defensive side of the ball - did offer a smile and chuckle when asked if it was fun seeing two of his leading stop troops carry the ball.

"Any time those guys get the opportunity to tote the mail a little bit it's fun for them," he said. "And it's fun not only for our defense, but for the whole team."