DUBLIN - The Dublin Lions were put to rest with a 57-0 blowout loss to the Early Longhorns in the final game of the season at Memorial Stadium Friday.

Off the opening kickoff, the Lions took the ball all the way to the Longhornís 42. As if they felt bad for having such a successful drive, the ball was given back to Early after an instant fumble by the Lions.

Early wasted no time and was soon celebrating in the end zone.

Dublin worked for a similar outcome, but another fumble and incomplete pass and a missed field goal attempt got in the way.

The Longhorns quickly passed their way downfield and from the Lionís 17, ran the ball in for another touchdown.

Unfortunately for the Lions, it didnít stop there; by the end of the first quarter, Early was holding onto a 21-0 lead.

The second quarter was eventful to say the least. In the time it takes for most to run a mile; a yellow flag was thrown, Dublin caught an interception and ran the ball back, the referees and coaches had extensive discussions, the penalty was waved off, and somehow when it was all said and done, the Lions were called for encroachment, leaving them empty-handed and putting their defense five yards closer to their own red zone.

With 2:20 left in the half, Early completed a pass for a Longhorn touchdown and a 28-point lead. Receiving the kickoff on the opposing 10, the Lions managed to gain a mere 14 yards before the possession was again given to the Longhorns. Dublinís defense stepped up and pushed the offense back, forcing EHS to attempt a 50-yard field goal that fell no good at the end of the first half.

Things didnít change much in the second half. Early completed passes, gained numerous first downs, and scored several additional touchdowns. Although the Lions began doing some things right, it was too little, too late as the Longhorns finished their season with a win.

Dublin offensive stats:

Rushing - TJ Turner 4-32; Justin Goodrick 8-21; Logan Morton 3-10, Justin Ford 1-1; Mason Lewis 5-(-1); jesse Medina 1-(-4)

Passing - Goodrick 8-18, 91 yards

Receiving - Eli Caldera 6-51; Aaron Teague 2-40

Total offense - 91 passing yards, 59 rushing yards, 150 total