E-T Staff Report

ABILENE - Stephenville senior Colby Lozano lifted a total of 1,350 pounds to win the silver medal in the 165-pound class at the state powerlifting Saturday at the Taylor County Expo Center.

Lozano, whose personal best total is 1,360, attempted to pull 600 pounds for the win on his last dead lift, but couldn’t get it.

“We already had second place wrapped up,” said Stephenville coach Joseph Gillespie, “so we decided to go for it all. I was hoping it would take 570-580, but that just wasn’t the case, so we bumped to 600.”

A lift of 595 pounds would have resulted in a tie, but Lozano would still have finished second due to outweighing the gold medalist, Gutierrez from Cigarro.

Lozano began the day with a 500-pound squad, then bench pressed 300. His best dead lift was 550.

The race was tight all day, with 10th place totaling 1,320.

“Colby has had a tremendous career, and did a great job Saturday,” Gillespie said. “I couldn’t be more proud.”