For those of you who would like to begin recycling items, it might be easier than you think. Although Stephenville doesn’t currently offer curbside recycling, there are a few places to take your recyclables. One good option is the TSU Recycle Center, located at 2451 CR 518.

They are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The TSU Recycle Center will take items from Stephenville residents, as well as Tarleton students. They take in cardboard, plastic bottles, milk containers, paper products, aluminum, tin cans and more. They don’t take glass items. Their phone number is 254-968-8059. If you don’t have time during the day to drop off items at the TSU Recycle Center, the Waste Connections facility also has some recycling bins. They have three containers: one for plastic and two for cardboard and paper boxes. The address is 1291 N. Bates and their phone number is 254-968-8173.

The city of Stephenville also offers some options for disposal of electronics as well as hazardous wastes. The hazardous waste pickup date is usually in August. The collection date will appear on your water bill. Twice per year (in April and October), you may bring your old computers and electronics for recycling. On Saturday October 21, residents may take electronics to 1201 Glen Rose Road-Hwy 67 from 9 am to 1 pm. It’s for city and county residents only. (No commercial businesses.)

They will accept items until the truck is full. Box TVs are accepted for a $20 fee. Many items are free to recycle: computers, laptops, cell phones, car batteries, etc.).

For more information and the complete list of items, contact Sara Koonce at 254-918-1292.

Sharla Riddle,