The SISD Facility Planning Committee completed the first phase of the process on June 20. A group of 40 individuals were divided into groups of five and ranked the facility needs assessment in the following areas of focus: benefit to students, urgency/need, benefit to community, equity and value.  A rating scale of one to five was given to each identified need in each category.  A project rating total was then computed for each identified need.

This information will be used to conduct a community-wide telephone survey that will aid the committee in developing a recommendation for the board of trustees. The survey will be conducted near the end of the summer. This questionnaire will be brief and statistically driven to represent the thoughts and opinions of individuals living within the boundary of SISD.

Security issues were some of the highest-ranking issues identified by the committee. Open areas at Gilbert Intermediate and the addition of the fire sprinkling system at SHS found consensus with most committee members. Renovation of the SHS Career and Technology Education building, renovation and expansion of SHS Fine Arts spaces as well as a more comprehensive redesign of SHS were also near the top of the list. 

After the survey results have been tabulated, the second phase of the facility planning process will begin.  Decisions regarding bonding capacity, costs and design will still be points for consideration.  Also, I would like to reiterate that this process is continuously open for public participation. We are always searching for and welcome new and different points of view.  Although this process may seem lengthy and, at times cumbersome, I want to assure the community of Stephenville that we have done our homework before bringing any bond proposal to the table.

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Matt Underwood is the superintendent of SISD.