In some Texas counties, a vehicle inspection can be a giant pain in your pocketbook. That’s because 17 counties require vehicle emission tests. Many of these counties are your neighbors (Parker, Tarrant, Ellis, and Johnson.)  As pollution continues to worsen, the number of counties added to the list will grow. Ground-level ozone is made worse by the atmospheric warming associated with climate change. If you live in an area with lots of car exhaust and summer heat, get ready for vehicle inspection sticker shock. Your ozone level will cost you money. 

A few years ago, I moved from small-town Texas to the Metroplex. In my small town, a vehicle inspection was around $7. No problem. But, when I moved to the Metroplex, I learned that my vehicle inspection fee was jumping from $7 to $31.50. To make matters worse, my pickup was a 1995 model, which meant that I had to have “dyno emission” testing. Not every vehicle inspection location will do “dyno emission” testing. My pickup ran very well, but couldn’t pass the emissions test. (And I still had to pay the $31.50.) I then had the option of having it repaired or selling it. But those repairs were way too pricey and had to be completed at a “Recognized Emission Repair Facility.” So, I had to sell my truck. It’s just a matter of time before other area counties are added to the emissions list. I know from first-hand experience that air pollution can be very expensive. 

Sharla Riddle,