To the editor:

This is my final letter on the Bluff Dale School tax increase issue. I have never wanted to see the Bluff Dale ISD closed down, and a NO VOTE on this tax increase will not cause the school to close.

This tax increase is for the purpose of enlarging the school. 

Our school has not naturally grown enough in the last 50 years to necessitate enlarging it. We still do not have 100 local students here, and even if we did, we shouldn’t have to increase our taxes.

The local school board advertising initiative this spring brought us a few more non-local students. But even with this, we barely have over 100 students.  

Bluff Dale is just not all that big even with the development at Mountain Lake Estates.

Bluff Dale has been blindly and greedily included in the Robin Hood law because of Mountain Lakes and because of the gas and oil in the area.

Thus, the school district is obligated to give back to the state 40 percent of a substantial portion of their revenues.  

This was imposed on Bluff Dale by our “enlightened” Erath County officials.  I ask, does Bluff Dale look like “a rich district?”

When I learning this from an Erath County tax person, I called Mr. Morgan, Bluff Dale’s school superintendent, to discuss with him what I had found from the county. He verified this.  

Forty percent paid back to the State on our student enrollment is unconscionable, especially here in Bluff Dale.  But, of course, this is the DNA of most of our liberal elected officials.

The bright side is our school still has 60 percent to work with so eliminating the school board’s grandiose building plans, along with the implementation of sound fiscal conservatism, the school can still get by just fine.  

Other schools, like Morgan Mill, do fine without constantly hammering their residents for more money.   

Aside from the unnecessary 40 percent state pay back, we are told that the school is in a financial bind. 

We are in a bind because of poor decisions made by the previous board. There needs to be a public accountability meeting with our board members, wherein both present and past board members need to honorably stand up and admit their foolish financial blunders in the past few years.  And then the present board members need to bite down and realistically begin a long term process of financial correction.  

If the board members and hired administration can’t financially run this very small school, then step down, but quit slobbering all over the taxpayers to bail them out.  

If necessary, let’s elect new board members and get on board with running our school like a business, and budgeting like we taxpayers have to budget our money.  

If and when real and substantial studentgrowth comes, then we could see about enlarging, and with that growth there would automatically come more revenues without increased taxes.  Until then, let’s live within our means, and creatively make it work.

And one final thing: Because of a previous editorial slam against me as a person, I wanted to let everyone know that I am indeed the person sitting in the red Smart car there in Bluff Dale. 

I am the one who is proudly selling TRUMP T-shirts.  

I enjoy being there and meeting all the other Trump supporters; but fundamentally, I enjoy living freely. 


Joan E Hamm,

Bluff Dale