Once again, Bluff Dale taxpayers are looking at another increase in taxes due to the unrelenting Bluff Dale school board and administration now insisting on building a high school where no high school is needed.  Their recent attempt to increase our taxes went down in flames, so, apparently they have devised a new scheme.

It would appear that the school board has recruited someone akin to a New York City advertising expert to aid in pulling the wool over the eyes of the Bluff Dale taxpayers with his slick PowerPoint presentations, pie in the sky numbers and rhetoric that would make Lyndon Baines Johnson look like a piker.  

Have we not learned from a nation drowning in debt that tax increases and growing government, including the schools, simply feed the beast and really do nothing for the good of the people? 

Tax increases always benefit the spenders and always leave the taxpayer wondering what just hit; and the schools are the guiltiest of the government entities, asking for more money every year by presenting one fantastic educational salvation scheme after the other.

Oh, yes, the slick presentation looks so nice and neat, but makes no sense based on the fact that Bluff Dale is a tiny town. Even with the increased building over the past 20 years, we have less than 100 students in grades one through eight.  

Well, they say, “We need to build for the future.”  And I answer, “I’m already broke from your current taxes, and because of this, I have no financial future.” 

Let me offer a profound suggestion: Before raising taxes again, which none of us can afford, prove to us you can live within the constraints of the current budget.  I mention this, because staying within the yearly budgets has proven to be almost impossible with our current school board and administration.

And I’ll also boldly suggest that the school board and the administration need to double down and do more with less.

I think it is interesting that our New York advertisement approach has included placing two finely painted signs at either end of town advertising for high school students, when in fact we have no high school and no money to build one. 

It just makes me wonder if their tactic is to step forward in the near future and say, “We have twenty students who have signed up for school, and we have no money.  What are we going to do? We have to raise your taxes.” 

Me thinks there to be a skunk in the woodpile.  A bit smelly don’t you think?

Vote a resounding NO for a high school.


Joan E Hamm,

Bluff Dale