Chelsea Gadoury has always felt at home singing and strumming her guitar.

“I’ve always been into music,” she said. “Ever since I was two years old I would listen to a Garth Brooks tape and carry a guitar around.”

While her love for lyrics was seeded at an early age, she didn’t realize her desire to perform on stage until she was 10. She was at church with her grandmother in Belton when she decided to hop on stage and sing.

“I’ve played in a bunch of venues all over Texas ever since. It’s just my passion and it’s something I love to do,” Gadoury said. “I love music, it’s all I do.”

And now the 16-year-old Stephenville singer is getting a big break - she’s headed to Nashville to perform on Nashville Spotlight Sunday night. The program showcases teenage talent on a Nashville-based cable channel.

“They heard my (music on my) MySpace page,” Gadoury said. “They asked me if I was interested in it and I said 'yes.'”

The show will be taped in the Nashville Palace, across the street from the Grand Old Opry. While Gadoury is nervous about her television exhibition, she said the knots in her stomach may well work to her advantage.

“I am a little bit (nervous) but I usually do better when I am nervous,” she said. “I put that nervous energy into my music and (perform) better when I do.”

Gadoury should shine on stage on Sunday - just like she has all year in east Texas. She was voted as a favorite by opry house audiences and placed on the ballot for the Best Texas Female Newcomer Artist of the Year in east Texas.

“I’ve been playing a lot of different opry (houses) and theaters in north and east Texas. They put you on the ballot and people will vote on their favorite,” she said.

Gadoury will know her place as a crowd favorite in March, when the results are announced.

For now, she focuses on Nashville and her performance among more than 50 teen performers from across the nation.

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