After last week’s city council meeting, I felt compelled to write this letter. After several days of reflection on what I had seen and heard at this meeting, I have gathered my thoughts.

I was not at all surprised by the vote to sell the streets in question to Tarleton State University, which will result in closing Lillian Street to through traffic on the campus.

I am disappointed, however, in the action. To anyone at the meeting, it was obvious that the packed room of TSU students, faculty and distinguished alumni, that the deck was stacked against any opposition. 

I am not opposed to closing this street, but just not at this time. I believe there may have been a violation of parliamentary procedure by our mayor at the meeting when she refused to recognize a motion made by Mr. Nix and seconded by Mr. McDanel to table the motion to vote until more questions could be answered. I believe the procedure should have been to accept this motion .

I attended TSU from 1976-78 and I see the same problem with traffic now as there was back then with the difference being three times as many students and a larger city population. Neither the university or the city have made any significant steps to control traffic flow in and around TSU.

TSU lacks adequate student parking and has no planned traffic flow around the campus. The volume of traffic using N. Lillian will have to go elsewhere to get through town, most likely Harbin Drive or Ollie Street.

My concern is the lack of safety measures to protect drivers and pedestrians. N. Ollie has a hard “S” curve immediately off Washington. The Washington/Ollie intersection lacks a red light or four-way-stop to control traffic.

I seem to have read about an accident in the 100 block of N. Ollie a little over a week ago and now a three-car wreck on Friday.

As you go north on Ollie, there are no crosswalks for students from Hook Elementary, and at Lingleville Road, again, there is no traffic light with more and faster moving traffic.

If you read this and find you have a similar concern, please remember we now have no control of the streets to be closed.


Mike Stephens


I was watching the Dec. 3 city council meeting and it did not surprise me or others that the mayor acted the way she did.

Russ McDanel, Alan Nix and Alan Nash ask good questions and should be treated with respect.

Elizabeth Zickafoose