Erath County Sheriff

Tommy Bryant

If you are being stalked, notify local law enforcement. Request that each incident be documented. Give them any written correspondence and report any phone threats. Record dates of all correspondence and calls received from the stalker.

The attorney general recommends:

• Keep a diary - record a description of each incident, witnesses and their addresses. Complete records are essential to successful prosecution of stalking cases.

• Get a protective order - If you are related to the stalker by blood or marriage, if you have ever lived together or if you have a child in common, a protective order if possible.

• Record telephone conversations - Tell the stalker to stop calling and hang up. Screen your calls. Keep recorded messages and give them to law enforcement.

• Take pictures of the stalker - If a photo can be taken safely, write the time, date and place on the back of each picture.

• Keep all correspondence - Touch the letter as little as possible in order to preserve fingerprints.

• Tell everyone - Give friends, co-workers and neighbors a description of the stalker. Ask them to document each time they see the stalker.

Important safety measures:

• Be alert - Stay aware of people and your surroundings.

• Vary routes - Come and go by different directions, avoid a pattern.

• Park securely - Park in well-lit areas and ask someone to escort you to your car.

• Be aware - Watch for vehicles following you. Drive to a police or fire station for help.

• Alert managers or security at your place of business

• Security check - Have law enforcement do a security check of your home and keep doors and cars locked.

• Maintain an unlisted phone number, use caller ID.

• Do not dismiss any threat 

• Maintain privacy. Never give out personal information when it can be overheard.

• Develop a safety plan. You and your family members need a safe place to meet and someone to call in case of an emergency. If you need more details, telephone numbers of numerous related agencies or protective order information, the attorney general’s pamphlets on stalking, protective orders and domestic violence are available at the reception desk of the Erath County Sheriff’s Office.